Who doesn’t like to enjoy a nice meal amidst a rich ambiance? Executive dining is one of the best privileges you can get your employees on their work anniversary. Read our client success stories and learn how organisations are using Vantage Circle to build an engaged and productive workplace. Client Overview More than 400+ companies are enhancing their employee experience and building an engaged and happy workforce with us. We thank you for your contribution and your commitment to our organization.

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  • Companies celebrate work anniversaries to tell your staff they are valued and their time given to the company is vital.
  • Celebrating an Anniversary Can Bring Positive Attention to Your BusinessSavvy business owners know never to overlook a chance for positive marketing.
  • Paid sabbaticals fight burnout and boredom by giving people the time to explore new interests.
  • Years later, posters fromTech International,Marriott, St. Bernardine Medical Center, Boar’s Head,USA Today,Cisco Systems, Calvary Hospital and more are no doubt still on display.

We celebrated our 75th anniversary with a yearlong JOIN US campaign, sharing thought leadership and captivating stories with our employees, colleagues and clients. We hosted a series of 52 short, compelling presentations— think TED talk —at the Dallas headquarters Learning Center. The talks were promoted on our intranet and website and e-blasted to our company contacts. The presentations were featured via live streaming video, accessible to all of our clients, consultants, etc., as well as being available afterward on an on-demand channel. To create excitement within the firm about this milestone, develop fun and engaging quiz questions accompanied by prizes (e.g., company logo wear, gift cards, etc.).

How To Plan Your Nonprofits Anniversary Campaign

This theme could be a great dragon of lighting opportunity to take a sunset cruise or spend a relaxing day by the pool in fun costumes. If you choose this party, you definitely don’t want to miss out on the chance to have a photo booth with fishing props where you and guests can “catch” each other. The results are guaranteed to be equal parts funny and heartwarming. If you’re both history buffs, you could also plan a party that emulates a time from any age you two wish you could have lived through. If you’re fascinated by the Victorian Era, for instance, you and your partner can dress up as a royal couple and host an elegant garden tea party.

Night Balloons Anniversary Card

There are plenty of budget and time-friendly ways to keep your team engaged at this critical juncture. All your favorite superheroes, cartoon and video game characters, and even public figures enjoy bobblehead representation. Why not your favorite employees (a.k.a. All your employees!)? Show them that you see them as all the other famous figures who have their own bobbleheads by making them one of their very own. Host the event after hours, preferably in a location where people can enjoy a few drinks if they wish. Be sure to tell the anniversary guests of honor what to expect during the event so they can come with their game faces.

Gifts For Food Lovers

Personalised planter – if your wife has green fingers give her a personalised planter, either one small enough to fit on the window sill, or something larger to stay outside. Statue – see if you can find a sentimental statue, such as two lovers sharing an embrace. Picture frame – decorative or plain, this gift can be taken up a notch with a memorable photo. A port wine aged five years may be a good selection. You can also buy a bottle with a vintage from the year of the couple’s wedding.

Year Service Award Wording Idea

A video doorbell that connects to a mobile app shows a person who is at the door. A gift like this shows employees that you care about their safety at home. Ask around to find out which store the employee likes the most. If the store does not offer them, a prepaid cash card is always a winner. Purchase supplies and toppings, and let the employees make their own pizzas to celebrate. For a smaller milestone, plant a perennial to show that you appreciate the employee’s repeated service.

Happy 20th Work Anniversary Wishes And Quotes

The same goes for a mentorship program, which can come along with tangible incentives for mentors. To make this win-win incentive work for everyone, set the employee up with a professional coach, either in-house or hired for the purpose. Make sure you’re working with someone who will talk to the person, asking them what they need and how they view their career trajectory. Make notes on what they’re working on with the coach so that when they accomplish something as a result, you can recognize it. Career coaching also shows the employee that your company will encourage them to grow.

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